This is a non-exhaustive list of the projects I’ve worked on over the years.


Mushroom Cabal

Mushroom Cabal Screenshot

An experimental social interaction envrionment. The goal is to create a game-like space where particiapants feel comfortable sharing and interacting with each other.

Very much still a work in progress. The project page has a live demo.


DomeStar at Country Club 2016

An interactive installation featuring 6,400 LEDs sitting on a geodesic dome and controlled via WiiMote.


Linkfilter Screenshot

A community weblog I co-founded in 2000 that uses gamification elements to drive interaction and prevent spam.

It was shutdown in 2009, and then revived in 2015. It’s up at, but currently registration is still closed.



Inspiredown Screenshot

A weekend project to create a lightweight and easy-to-use countdown timer on top of an inspirational poster image.

Mario Clock

Mario Clock and Simulator

LED panels arranged in an arc and a Mario-themed time and weather display.


Asterix at BM2015

DomeStar’s LEDs were repurposed for the octahedron structure in front of Disorient at Burning Man 2015.

Loquacious and Lovely

Unicorn at BM2015

Donated some LEDs and code to light up Sophi Kravitz’ riding unicorns on playa at Burning Man 2015.


Door Bot

A crappy robot that I used at NYC Resistor to lower a key on a string to locked out visitors. “I don’t like it” says one reviewer.

Temple of the Unticketed

Max Henstell and I applied for a Burning Man Arts grant for this project in 2015. It was way over ambitious and I’m very glad they did not award us that grant. GitHub


I modified a python implementation of Mario Level 1 to work with Trammell Hudsons Megascroller LED display. In the modified version the players have to dash around the display to keep up with Mario. Github

Virtual Phone Toss

A simple web based game that uses the accelerometer data to simluate throwing your phone across the room. GitHub

Light Tapestries

An LED installation that lights up diffused LED strips wherever you walk in front of them.

Art Car Wash Sign

I organized the build for the Disorient Art Car Wash Sign in 2010. ACW

Giant Lite Brite

One of my first builds at NYC Resistor, a giant lite brite using colored plastic cups as pegs.

Business Card Gun

Highly Effective and Dangerous. Thingiverse


A technology blog I co-founded in the 90s. Wayback


A replacement interface for the Renegade BBS files system that I sold as shareware back in high school.


My old BBS about programming and the demoscene.